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New edition available!

Hi, everyone. I wanted to post an update on the "King of the Trees" series. Amazon has recently changed its availability messages for all seven  book titles in that  series to, "Temporarily out of stock." Actually, those titles are all permanently out of stock, as far as Amazon is concerned. I still have plenty of stock on hand for fulfilling my website orders, but I'm also in the process of republishing all those titles under my own imprint, "Creation Way Books." If you're interested, the 3rd edition of The King of the Trees is now available on Amazon here: . It's the same book, reformatted, re-edited and expanded, with details that don't appear in the first two editions. I think it's the best version so far. I'm also working on the next two sequels in the "Creation Seekers" series as follow-ups to The Lake Lights and The Vikings of Loch Morar . These sequels will take Jon Oliver and his fam